Custom Industrial and Commercial Vacuum Trucks

Many companies require specialized vehicles to perform a variety of tasks ranging from hauling and pumping fuel to industrial and commercial vacuum trucks designed for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste removal. These vacuum trucks provide an effective way to pump sludge, semi-solids and liquids. Regardless of which application best suits your business needs, finding a company that can provide customized vacuum trucks offers the best results.

Vaccum Trucks

Vacuum trucks designed for airport ramp service can be customized to offer an effective way to not only provide a solution for cleaning underground hydrant pits, but also to drain hydrant lines. The specific needs of your business can be addressed through customized options. Every business is unique and the specific needs and applications of your business will determine the right options to meet your needs.

For businesses that need a solution for non-hazardous materials, the specific options and setups available for vacuum trucks makes it easy to get the right truck. The tanks are available in stainless steel, aluminum or carbon steel in order to ensure you get the right tank to meet your specific application needs.

In addition to tank material options, vacuum trucks are available with a wide range of other options to ensure you get exactly what you need. Whether you choose railings or catwalks along the sides of the tank or you want strobe lights, heated collars or additional tank compartments, working with a company that specializes in offering quality custom options will ensure you get the tank truck best suited for your application.

At Engine & Accessory, Inc., we offer innovative solutions for a wide range of industries. Our custom vacuum trucks are available to ship throughout the U.S. as well as the world. In addition to quality products, our customer service is unsurpassed. Give Engine & Accessory, Inc. a call today.