RCHD Series

The RCHD series is a low profile front engine hydraulically driven chassis designed for a hydrant servicer vehicle or various ground support equipment applications. The hydrostatic drive system provides a bulletproof solution to all the problems with the conventional overdrive transmissions. Quick-change drive components minimize down time as well as enhanced low maintenance characteristics. The unit can be built to various custom configurations while offering the same reliability and durability of our other chassis models.

Key Features of the RCHD Chassis

  • GVWR ratings up to 26,000 lbs.
  • Low profile design for complete unit
  • Aluminum one-man or optional two man cab with maximum comfort and visibility
  • Tight turning radius allowing greater maneuverability in tight situations
  • Aluminum tilt hood for easy access to engine
  • Latest Cummins Tier 3 Industrial Diesel Engine with direct gear driven air compressor
  • Hydrostatic drive system acting as an automatic transmission
  • Speeds limited to under 25 mph for safety on and around airport ramps
  • Hydraulic steering pump capable of supplying hydraulic lift and hose reels
  • Ability to change configurations depending on application of the chassis

RCHD Specifications

  • 6″ Ship & Car Frame Rails
  • Heavy Duty Front Bumper
  • Eaton E1002I Front Axle With Air Brakes
  • Semi-Elliptical Full Taper Leaf Spring Front Suspension
  • Eaton S16-130 Drive Axle With Air Brakes
  • Link Single Axle Rear Air Suspension
  • Michelin 245/75R19.5 Tires, Other Options Available
  • Tubeless Hub Piloted Disc Wheels
  • Hydrostatic Steering System With Engine Driven Pump
  • Cummins Tier 3 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine In Various HP Ranges
  • Dry Type Air Cleaner With Replacement Element
  • HD Radiator, Charge Air Cooler And Hydraulic Oil Cooler
  • Single Muffler Mounted Under Front Bumper
  • 25 Gallon Fuel Tank Mounted At Rear Inside Frame Rails
  • Electronic Accelerator Treadle
  • Park Brake System Interlock Valve
  • Hydrostatic Transmission Driven Off Rear Of Engine
  • Hydrostatic Motor Mounted To Frame Coupled To Drive Shaft
  • Custom Made One And Two-Man In-line Cabs
  • High Capacity Heater/Defroster
  • 12-Volt Multiplex Electrical System
  • Front Dash Equipped With Standard Gauges And Switches

RCHD Options

  • Cold Weather Protection For Engine
  • Air Conditioning
  • Two-Man In-line Cab
  • Extended Engine Warranty
  • Special Options Available Upon Request