Champion Model Fuel Tank Trucks

The EAM Champion is part of Engine & Accessory, Inc. refined fuel tank delivery line serving the retail fuel market. The Champion is designed as a straight tank. Equipment can be accessed from cabinet installed on either side. Available in aluminum, steel or stainless with tank sizes ranging from 500 to 6000 gallons, we can cover each customer’s unique business demands. From design to manufacturing to customer support, Engine & Accessory has your turnkey, affordable, fuel tank truck solution.

Key Features of the Fuel Delivery Champion

  • Tanks are manufactured using aluminum, stainless steel or carbon steel. The options to offer various types of material ensures our ability to give the customer the right tank for their application
  • Ideal for bulk delivery transport
  • Design allows for shorter and more compact tank
  • Pumping systems can be supplied in side cabinets
  • Working with all the top components manufactures makes our units completely customizable to each customer’s specific needs.

Specifications for the EAM Champion

Tank Specifications

  • Constructed from bright finish aluminum, steel or stainless steel.  Elliptical design
  • Capacity: 500 to 6000 gallons single or multiple compartments
  • Bulkheads:  Double or single bulkhead construction.  Heads are dished and flanged to meet DOT MC 406 regulations.  Surge heads installed and spaced to DOT specifications
  • Under frame:  Extruded L or J type sills welded to tank bottom. Cross members are installed at each surge head and bulkhead.
  • Flashing:  Full length double legged leak proof extruded aluminum overturn rails to meet DOT MC 406.  May be used as vapor recovery header.  Expanded metal between flashing rails.  Two external flashing drains installed
  • Manholes:  16” manholes with 10” fills. DOT MC-406 approved venting.
  • Calibration:  Calibration marker in each compartment
  • Discharge Lines:  3”x2” emergency valve with 2” steel tubing termination curbside or street side in cabinet with male pipe threads for dry break adapters.  Emergency valve operator installed overhead in equipment cabinet with emergency release at street side front.  Emergency valves can be setup air operated or cable operated.
  • Bumper:  Heavy duty bumper to meet DOT MC-406
  • Ladder:  Ladder with platform center of rear head—Option for street side front ladder
  • Fenders:  Jeep style fenders
  • Lights:  Federal standard MVSS108.  LED Betts Snap Seal lights with vapor proof wiring.
  • Steel tanks will be sandblasted, primed and painted one color.  Aluminum tanks are left in bright finish.  Stainless tanks can be painted or be supplied with a polished finish.

Pumping System Specifications

  • Pumping system can be setup for single or dual pumping
  • 2”, 2-1/2” or 3” Blackmer or Corken product pumps complete with strainer and option for high flow
  • Hannay or Deighan hose reels. Reels setup mounted in box on with curbside or street side.
  • LC or Neptune meters.  Meters can be mechanical or electronic.
  • Bottom loading, vapor recovery, Scully system available
  • Manifold or dry break assembly available
  • Goodyear redwing hose available in a variety of lengths and sizes
  • Complete line of nozzles from Scully to OPW in various sizes
  • Chelsea or Muncie hot shift PTO’s with controls located in rear bucket box
  • Brake interlock system installed on every unit
  • Pumping system can be completely customized depending on customer’s exact specifications.


Engine & Accessory’s fuel delivery units are designed to fit all major chassis models. Chassis’s include: Ford, International, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Mack, and Hino. Standard features on our chassis include: Diesel engines, automatic/manual transmissions, air brakes, air conditioning, am/fm radio, air ride drivers seat, cruise control. Complete detailed specifications are available upon request.

Champion Fuel Truck Options

Tank Options

  • Additional compartments single or double bulkhead
  • Various size tool boxes, side cabinets and barrel carriers
  • Hose trays
  • Hose tubes with options for gauge stick combinations
  • Front drivers side ladder
  • Catwalk options
  • Heavy duty tank construction options
  • Larger sumps for discharge
  • Aluminum and polished aluminum extruded bumpers

Pumping System Options

  • Dual product systems for multiple fueling operation
  • Side compartment pumping system
  • Various meter configurations with mechanical or electronic components
  • Hose reel configurations
  • Multiple size and length of hoses and various types of nozzles
  • Filtration systems.
  • Openable API adapter and gravity drop caps
  • Mechanical or air operated manifold systems
  • High flow pump off lines
  • Various types of piping and valving.