Vacuum trucks that are worth the investment

When you are dealing with hazardous waste or environmental liquid waste at an industrial level, you need a truck that can stand up to the test. Here at Engine and Accessory, Inc., we rise to the challenge, offering you vacuum trucks that you can count on. With the RAMPSTAR series of trucks at your side, you will have reliability and quality when you are on the job. We are dedicated to setting the bar high. You expect excellence when you are ready to invest in vacuum trucks and we deliver. Starting from the bottom up, we’ll ensure that you have vacuum trucks that are worth the investment when it comes to performance.

Custom-Built To Fit Your Needs
Turn to our team at Engine and Accessory, Inc. If you need a job done, you want it to be done right. We will tailor your vacuum truck to meet your demands. It’s up to you as you decide if stainless steel, steel, or aluminum is best for your tanker. Our factory-trained technicians will be with you every step of the way as the design process begins. They’ll take it to the next level to complete manufacturing and offer you customer support whenever the need arises. We know how important your tank truck is for your business. When you need a vacuum truck that is reliable and meets all of your demands, you need the team at Engine and Accessory, Inc.

You Get What You Pay For
We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. If you need a vacuum truck, or a fleet of trucks, we offer you an affordable option that is ready at the turn of a key. Contact our support staff at Engine and Accessory, Inc. to make plans for your next vacuum truck. We stand at the ready for you.