Waste Oil Tank Trucks

Engine & Accessory offers a full line of quality tank trucks serving the waste oil industry. Whether collecting oil from a small auto repair facility to a large industrial plant, we offer a tank and system for all your hauling needs. These custom-designed tank trucks are carefully engineered and assembled based on each customer’s unique business demands. From design to manufacturing to customer support, Engine & Accessory has your turnkey, affordable, tank truck solution.

Specifications for Custom Waste Oil Truck

Tank Specifications

  • Constructed from bright finish aluminum, steel or stainless steel.
  • Elliptical tank design
  • Capacity: 500 to 5000 gallons single or multiple compartments
  • Bulkheads:  Double or single bulkhead construction.  Heads are dished and flanged to meet DOT MC 406 regulations. Surge heads installed and spaced to DOT specifications
  • Under frame:  Extruded L or J type sills welded to tank bottom.  Crossmembers are installed at each surge head and bulkhead.
  • Flashing:  Full length double legged leak proof extruded aluminum overturn rails to meet DOT MC 406.  Expanded metal between flashing rails.  Two external flashing drains installed
  • Manholes:  16” manholes with 10” fills. DOT MC-406 approved venting.
  • Discharge Lines:  3”x3” emergency valves.  Emergency valve operator installed curbside front with emergency release at street side front.  Emergency valves can be setup air operated or cable operated.
  • Aluminum hose tubes or special hose troughs with sumps and drain valves.
  • Bumper:  Heavy duty bumper to meet DOT MC-406
  • Ladder:  Ladder with platform center of rear head—Option for street side front ladder
  • Fenders:  Jeep style fenders
  • Lights:  Federal standard MVSS108.  LED Betts Snap Seal lights with vapor proof wiring.
  • Options for various sizes of cabinets, walkways and piping.

Pumping System Specifications

  • Pumping system can be setup with a variety of configurations
  • Gear type product pumps complete with strainer
  • Hot shift PTO’s with controls located in work area
  • Capability of pump on, pump off, re-circulate, pump through, gravity on/of and rear and/or driver side suction and discharge
  • Options for drum platforms in aluminum or steel with lift gates
  • Options for suction hose, hose reels, gate valves, strainers and swivels available depending on specification needs


Engine & Accessory’s waste oil units are designed to fit all major chassis models.  Chassis’ include: Ford, International, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Mack, and Hino.  Standard features on our chassis include:  Diesel engines, automatic/manual transmissions, air brakes, air conditioning, am/fm radio, air ride driver’s seat, cruise control.  Complete detailed specifications are available upon request.